Explicit consent

Explicit consent in the context of the GDPR

SPDG.be, represented by the Société anonyme de Participation et de Gestion is committed to respecting the new regulations protecting your personal data. We are committed to always being specific about the framework in which the use of your data is made.

At the end of each form on this site, provided that we collect personal data about you, an explicit validation of your agreement to use these data and an explanation of the use that will be made and the scope this use will be given. In the absence of mention of a particular use, the personal data entered in these forms and your IP address may be used to contact you in the context of your legitimate interest, such as information on changes in our terms of services, or information on a breach in said personal data.

You may request the deletion of any contact or confidential data about you in our database at any time. It should however be noted, if you subscribed or bought something on this website, that Belgian law requires us to keep some of this information for legal or accounting purposes.

This website and your communication with it is protected by a SSL certificate, signed by the open certificate authority “Let’s Encrypt”. This ensures all transmission of information between the website and its visitors are encrypted.

The data is stored on our servers in France, hosted on the OVH infrastructure. As a subcontractor, OVH is committed to implement the following actions: https://www.ovh.com/fr/protection-donnees-personnelles. The data is processed by the company “Reaklab SPRL” for the company “SPDG : Société anonyme de Participation et de Gestion” in Belgium. No personal information will be shared with third parties unless explicitly stated otherwise.

You can find more information about your rights and choices under the GDPR behind these links.